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Rates & Programs

To show our appreciation! For every new client you bring into the studio that purchases studio time, we will give you one free hour!

We offer FREE mastering (included with studio time) and FREE professional photos on sight!

Rough guide lines for artists:

"TRACK" meaning the individual element of a piece IE Kick, Snare, Synth, Vocal each on a separate "TRACK"

Most Singer-songwriter 1-4 Track (2 track acoustic guitar, 2 track vocals)

Most Rappers 4-8 Track (if beat is 1 file/ track) 1 track beat, 6-8 tracks vocals

Most Rappers 8-24 Track (if beat is multi-files / track)

Most Bands 12-24 Track (12 track drums, 2 track bass, 4 track guitar, 6 track vocals)

Multi-Track Recording
Flat rate
Price per song
1-4 Track
4-8 Track
8-12 Track
12-24 Track
24-32 Track

Bulk purchasing available for instant savings

All Prices Include: Set up, Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering!

Any additional time can be added on at the studio’s going rate!

The package deals for bundles $500 and under must put 50% down and $500 or more 25% down. Unless you are planning to purchase just one song then this does not apply to you. You don’t have to use your hours all in one day this could be spread out over the course of a few days or even weeks!


Off Premises – 2 full hours of shooting $200 (The price is including Editing!)

On Premises – FREE!

More Programs:

Please make your appointments on time.